Specialist Occupational Health Assessments

Do you need a workplace adaptation assessment for an employee? Are you looking for workplace DSE risk assessments? Are you unsure how to return an employee to work and require a functional capacity evaluation? We are here to give you the guidance and support you are looking for.

workplace adaptation assessment

Workplace Adaptation Assessment

We undertake a comprehensive ergonomic workstation assessment. A report is provided which summarises the employees symptoms and the impact to their work. We describe detailed recommendations that will work to reduce teh issues raised. This assessment is ideal if your employee has pain which is affecting their work or is returning to work following a period of absence.

DSE Risk Assessment

DSE Risk Assessment

All computer users should be provided with a regular risk assessment (DSE Regulations 1992, amended 2002). We will take your company to a fully compliant position, minimising risks, and ensuring your members of staff are more comfortable at their desks.

functional capacity evaluation UK

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

Our FCE Assessors will determine clear strategies to support how and when your employees should return to work. A comprehensive functional assessment which is related to the demands of a particular job results in effective and timely return to work guidance.

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