Workplace Adaptations Assessment

An Ergonomic Workplace Assessment which offers definitive, independent advice and recommendations, including reasonable adjustments.
It is ideal for employee's who are experiencing pain relating to their workstation or who have an underlying disability.


WorkStrong Occupational Health Physiotherapist’s offer an expert opinion by conducting both a clinical history review and a full ergonomic workplace assessment.

The findings of this comprehensive assessment are analysed by the assessor to provide a bespoke set of recommendations that relate to the employee, their working environment and their symptoms.

The recommendations include actions that both the employer and employee are responsible for implementing. They are measurable and fully justified in relation to the findings of the assessment, so facilitating effective and auditable implementation.

Common Assessment Scenarios

Scenario 1
The employee is due to return to work following a period of absence and concerns have been raised that their working role or workstation may aggravate their symptoms.

Scenario 2
The employee is unable to return to work due to concerns that the working role or workstation may aggravate their symptoms.

Scenario 3
The employee is not absent from work but has highlighted in their DSE Risk Assessment that their workstation may be aggravating their musculoskeletal symptoms.

Scenario 4
The employee is complaining of back, neck or limb pain, RSI or arthritis which is being aggravated through undertaking their normal working role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will undertake our assessment?
WorkStrong utilise the excellent skill base of Occupational Health Physiotherapists to carry out all of our musculoskeletal services. OH Physios are all Chartered Physiotherapists who are members of the Health Care Professions Council & the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. They all have in excess of five (an often significantly more) years of assessing, treating and rehabilitating patients with musculoskeletal problems. They are all members of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics and have extended training and experience in undertaking Ergonomic Workplace Assessments. When your assessment is booked we will provide you with the name of the OH Physio that will be visiting you along with the details of the appointment that has been made.

Will we be advised of reasonable adjustment?
Yes, the design and depth of the assessment coupled with the expertise and experience of the assessor as an Occupational Health Physiotherapist offers confidence that not only are the recommendations accurate for the employee but also that they could be considered as ‘Reasonable Adjustments'.

Do we need to provide anything specific for the assessment?
No, the assessor will bring all required items and equipment. If you could offer a meeting room or quite area for the initial stages of the assessment so that the employee can speak comfortably about their issues. The remainder of the assessment will then take place at the employee's workstation.

How long will the assessment take?
The assessment will take between 60 and 90 minutes on average, this is the likely timeframe that the assessor will be on site with you.

Will the recommendations include an expectation for us to purchase lots of expensive equipment?
Our assessors are all independent and their value is in making recommendations that are in the best interests of the employee and therefore the organisation. Depending of the workstation equipment that is present there may be recommendations made for alternative or replacement items such as desk aids, mice or specific chairs. Any such recommendations are made with a view of cost and benefit and are fully justified. We are happy to discuss alternative equipment solutions or work to make recommendations from local agreed suppliers or equipment lists.

We have more than one employee that needs support, do you offer a discount for multiple assessments?
Yes, we are happy to offer a discount to our single assessment fee for two or three assessments when undertaken in the same day at the same site.

Do you charge travel expenses for the assessment?
No, WorkStrong offer clear and upfront pricing for all of our services. The fee that you are quoted for the assessment therefore will include all additional expenses of the assessor such as travel and report writing time.

Our Assessors

A WorkStrong Ergonomic Assessor is an Occupational Health Physiotherapist who will have had post-graduate training in the delivery ergonomic workplace assessments. You can be sure, therefore, of receiving an excellent service and practicalrecommendations for workplace adapataions that are relvent to the needs of both the employee and the organisation.

Why Us?

We pride ourselves in providing efficient and high quality Workplace Adapation Assessments. All of our Assessors are members of the Health Care Professions Council, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics.

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