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Employees with Musculoskeletal complaints cost companies significantly through staff absence and wasted resources.

It is essential to have the best care, intervention and advice on hand to minimise this negative effect on company performance.

WorkStrong is here to provide you and your staff with a cost effective, Physiotherapist led solutions to Musculoskeletal absence in your company. Browse our services or tell us about the issues you have and one of our team will call you back, without commitment, to discuss the best approach to solve the problems.

Musculoskeletal pain due to injury, disease or disability can reduce an employee's working capabilities dramatically. Our musculoskeletal management services facilitate a rapid return to function for the employee and reduction in the associated costs for the employer...a true Win-Win situation.

WorkStrong services are developed to be provided as comprehensive standalone services or they can be efficiently integrated with your current Occupational Health services. Both ways will result in your staff receiving optimal support when they have a Musculoskeletal issue that affects their ability to complete their normal lifestyle.

About Us


WorkStrong are committed to delivering 100% client satisfaction. We pride ourselves in offering exceptional levels of client service and support.

All of our Occupational Health Physiotherapists are experts in their fields of occupational musculoskeletal conditions. They have many years of experience in assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions accurately and efficiently. They are all full members of:

We are an independent company that is focused in the needs of our clients; this allows us to work closely and on an individual basis in order to achieve your goals of reduced absence costs, improved employee wellbeing and attendance.

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