Optimal Absence Management for Line Managers

An informative and practical training session offering Line Managers practical strategies to optimise the efficient return to work of their absent employees.

Course overview

The single most significant factor to supporting employees back to work and minimising staff absence relates to the way the Line Manager approaches the absent employee. The language used by the Line Manager to their employee, the concern they express and the consideration they give to making return to work less challenging will all contribute to the overall time that the employee is absent from work.

This course offers the Line Managers an overview of the impact staff absence has on their day-to-day work and an understanding of the key role that they play in positively or negatively influencing the length of absence. They will be provided with tools and best practice approaches to optimise the engagement with their employee whilst absent and also practical strategies to support them back to work.

Who will benefit from the course?

Anyone who has a line management responsibility will benefit from this informative training course.

Line Managers will leave with greater insight into the consequence of absence to the employee and the barriers that can develop to returning to work. This course will give them the skills to develop efficient and optimal periods of absence within their teams.

With the help of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Appreciate the impact that non-optimal staff absence can have on the productivity of the organisation.

  • Understand the positive or negative influence that a line manager's approach can have upon an employee's absence.

  • Discover the influence that effective language and communication can have in optimising the return of absent employees to work.

  • Provide best-practice levels of support to facilitate the needs of the employee in returning to work efficiently.

Key Facts

Develop the key skills, knowledge and practical tools of Line Managers in dealing with and minimising staff absence.

Ideal for groups of 8 to 20 employees based in your workplace.

Attendee Feedback

"Excellent day, really useful, thank you."

The Tutor

The study day is delivered by James Rind, our lead Workplace Wellbeing Consultant. James has an MSc in Workplace Health & Wellbeing and a strong passion for supporting companies develop better workplaces for their staff. He is a qualified Occupational Health Physiotherapist and has seen the impact of poor workpalce wellbeing at first hand. James provides engaging training sessions that come to life through his wide reaching experience of what workplace wellbeing means to employees.

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