Display Screen Risk Assessment

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) risk assessments are key to minimising the risk to your employees of computer related injuries and optimising their wellbeing and productivity.

The Problem

Employees using computers are at risk of workstation related injuries to their spine, limbs, eyes, amongst others. Providing employees with a risk assessment is a legislative responsibility for employers.

The Solution

Our assessors are all Chartered Occupational Health Physiotherapists and are experienced in not only the assessment of the risk but the effects of not taking heed of the advice.

Our DSE risk assessments are not just tick box affairs. We provide your staff with access to a professional who can offer bespoke guidance to them to help prevent future workstation related problems. This adds exceptional value to our DSE Assessment service.

Common Feedback for our Assessors

"Wow, my chair feels so much more comfortable...I thought I would need a new one...thanks"

"I really appreciate you spending a little time with me at my desk to help me understand how I should set it up"

"I already feel more comfortable with the simple changes in keyboard, mouse, monitor and chair position."

The Assessors

Occupational Health Physiotherapists have the clinical understanding and expertise necessary to give the best advice for poor workplace ergonomics and common desk related injuries. All of our assessors are members of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics. The value to your staff of 30 minutes with one of our assessors is consistently reported as a bonus by our customers.

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